1. It’s not going to be fair (leaders often carry an unfair load)

  2. Leadership is an inside job (nobody is responsible for motivating you, but yourself)

  3. Expect obstacles and problems (remain calm, remember it’s not what happens but how you respond, remember the axiom “This to shall pass” and stay commited to the purpose)

  4. Success is never easy

  5. It’s a long climb from the bottom and a short drop from the top” (don’t get cocky, and don’t stop doing what you did to get success in the first place)

  6. Winners play hurt (remember the phrase “Doesn’t matter, Doesn’t matter, Doesn’t matter,….)

  7. It’s always worth it to be a hero ( you’ll never regret the times you gave yourself to others)

  8. To be tough, you must find the source of your courage

  9. Being tough doesn’t include being mean, cold hearted, bossy, or abusive

  10. The role of leadership requires the uniform of thick skin

  11. Purpose is the key (you must be tough in the name of something. Find your purpose and live your life serving it)


Other points:

  1. To make a difference, you’ve got to be different.

  2. To make a stand, you’ve got to stand out.

  3. You will be remembered for something what will it be?


When our nation calls for real leaders. When our Community calls for real leadership. Where will they be?


Will it be those few who took the time to educate themselves.

Those few who pushed thru all the problems and criticism when everyone else was serving themselves? Real Leaders bridge the gap between what it is, and what it should be.

 Great Quotes from great leaders

Ben Franklin

Winston Churchill

Thomas Jefferson


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