21st Century Pioneers, Conquering New Territory

The more people I meet the more I notice the different responses from all the different people. I have come up with two different categories. Every response can be tied to one of the two.  You are either a pioneer or a settler in life. The settlers seem to be okay with just settling into the territory that someone in the past has spend blood, sweat, and tears to conquer, fortify, and domesticate. They want security and comfort rather then freedom. But then I run into some people that see the need to continue conquering new territory for future generations, they are today’s pioneers they understand the risks, and the struggles, but they would rather fight the wind and rain then sleep in the king sized bed of complacency.

The moment we decide to begin the journey to cross a great plain of uncertainty is the moment we all become pioneers”

In the Team we understand the need for leadership right now, but it is clear enough that most Americans don’t yet. I believe that eventually most people will be involved with what we are doing. Right now it’s mostly the pioneers that get involved, but eventually the settlers will follow. What we are doing has never been done before. Where else can you find an organization that is more effective then the Team? Some of the top leaders in the country, and best selling authors have been developed here. There are tens of thousands of families in their homes right now reading, studying and listening to leadership material. They are the pioneers that are bringing more pioneers in. They are conquering new territory. Remember if we don’t build leaders and pioneers now, the settlers will not survive the future. It always takes courageous men and women to shape the future. This great Country was made up of pioneers. Pioneers are dreamers, they have a vision for a better tomorrow. We must develop them now. Although the majority will always be settlers, they do live lives of quiet desperation, although they are hungry for a cause, they can never muster up the courage to become a pioneer. If you have made it this far into this article it must be for a reason. I bet that you that you will become a 21st Century pioneer.

Here are five traits that are needed to be a pioneer. (By Tod Nielsen)

  1. A Robust Vision In The Outcome – I think you have to believe so strongly that the outcome will be worth more than any sacrifice it takes to get there. Without that dream of a better outcome, I think it is difficult, if not impossible, to begin the journey, and endure the difficulties of the journey. 
  2. The Inability To Turn Back From Where You Began -Early pioneers often left with the knowledge that they couldn’t turn back. In our own lives, it might be a moral, ethical, physical, or spiritual reason as to why we cannot turn back, but a pioneer begins their journey to a better future and metaphorically doesn’t look back. So must be our mindset, as we begin our own journeys. 
  3. Knowledge That You Might Not Make It To The End, But You Are Willing To Do It Anyway. – In our own journeys, there will likely not be a physical concern of death, but when I think about the tough times where I embarked on something; perhaps it was overcoming a weakness, overcoming a difficult relationship, moving onto a new job, work struggles, going through the adoption process, beginning a new business venture, I can remember thinking to myself, “I don’t know if I can do this.” And there were a few tough times that I can recall thinking and praying, “I don’t know if I can survive this.” It wasn’t doubt in my ability, I actually felt that perhaps my heart would fail and my perseverance would die and I would end up in some vegetative state. I have later learned that it was times like that, when I was uncertain of the outcome, that great rewards were in store for me. 
  4. Knowledge That Your Sacrifice Will Make The Life Of Someone Else Better – As I think about some of the pioneers I have mentioned throughout history, I think they all had this knowledge that their sacrifice would be beneficial to others. Our sacrifices and journeys may never be as physically daunting, but the emotional and mental challenges can be similarly daunting for us. Remembering that the sacrifices we make will make the lives others better, can give us hope and endurance to continue on. 
  5. Faith That You Actually Can Succeed – The last but most important aspect is faith. Faith that you can succeed, faith that you have the abilities, faith that your vision will endure. If you have a negative attitude of your outcome, than the journey will we all the more difficult.

God Bless,

Andrew Miller


Reading Can Change Your Life. In What Way?

 I was recently doing some research on the Amish Mafia and Merlin was talking about reading the Art Of War by Sun Tzu. Now I don’t know why he mentioned reading that, and I don’t know much about Merlin, but there are two things I know. First he had some mental breakthrough, and second it came from reading a book, because it was important enough for him to mention it in the video. What I don’t know is if the book took him in a positive direction or not, but what I do know is that if you want to go somewhere you must read books. So maybe if your intentions are good or bad before starting to read it will determine which way you go, sometimes with the same book. I have seen the power of books so many times that I am convinced that they are the foundation of learning and keeping what you learned. For example in the life business they have what they call the top five books, and those top five books are the essential component that ultimately creates the products of the life business, which is just better people that can write books and create cd’s for the life business.

I can relate back to books that changed my life, I have never been the same since the days I read them. I have experienced the power of reading the right books in my life, and it has effected the way I think. Not what I think but the way I think. Now I am always looking for books that can help me think better. It’s funny how sometimes you reading something and all of a sudden things look different then they did before. But that is the way our mind works. You don’t know what you don’t know, so keep reading.

What can you read that will help you get where you want to go? Sometimes it’s hard to decide because there are so many books out there. I like to have someone I respect and that has achieved great results in life refer a book to me. Like Larry Vanbuskirk, he told me to read “How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success” by Frank Bettger, and it gave me some great tips on being more enthusiastic, and having posture when dealing with people.

What can we read to become better leaders of the 21st century, raise better families, become better business builders? I am almost holding my breath to read the new book that just came out by Orrin Woodward and Oliver Demille called leadershift. It’s great to see men of their caliber take such a step in the direction of educating America on what I believe will be our last hope. Orrin Woodward also wrote the “Resolved” book which is a great book on leadership. 

“All men that have turned out anything have had the chief hand in their own education”   -Sir Walter Scot

We really should be looking at what we can do to help put our Country back together. But first we need to keep our family together, our church together, and our community together. Sometimes I look at myself and say “Who are you, and what are you going to do” I see a great cause and am willing to deal with the pain it takes to make things better. Whenever there is a great cause leaders step up, and only those who are mentally prepared can keep a stand in the midst of trouble, and only those who are bound by principles can move things into a new direction. Only the few who saw it coming.  Are you going with the crowd, or are you the Rascal?

God Bless,

Andrew Miller