Are You Inspiring Your Mind, or feeding your head

What did Steve Jobs, Bill Gates,and Mark Zuckerberg have that all the big educated guys that should have had, didn’t have. These three men are no better build then anyone else, they only have 24 hours in a day. I really wonder sometimes what makes this gap between the people who are truly rich and those who live in survival mode. It is not taught in school, it’s not taught in most homes, where is it taught? It is easier now then ever to become wealthy, but economic timing is usually not the important thing because no matter how readily available it is, the majority of the people still don’t  get it. So what happens when one little ordinary person rises up and just gets it. First I believe there is a burning desire for greatness. Then they get what I like to call a millionaire mindset. They start consciously programming their mind and acting like a millionaire would act. They have Vision and become inspired by their own vision. They become driven for what they want, the desire is so big they can’t make it without it. Then they start school. Just kidding:) Here is a great blog post about education. Then starts, studying and focus. Anytime they just don’t feel like playing anymore they look at their vision of greatness and they go at it again with new vigor. I don’t think money is the goal for such people it’s more then that, it’s who they become by it. A lot of these people start at a young age, here’s an article about that, it explains why most people start young.

I also know for a fact that any person that wants to achieve greatness must surround himself with other great minds. Where does this happen? How do we build a peer group of great thinkers to propel us to greatness and prosperity? Well let’s start one right now. If you know it’s important to you and you want to achieve more why not start interacting as a group and spreading it around to others. We can share ideas, ask questions, plan charitable activities, hold each other accountable, share educational information. And maybe someday someone in the group will be in the top 25 of leadership professional list, maybe someday someone will be the voice for our nation, and hopefully all will become financially free. What would that feel like to have fun, make money, and make a difference? Can you see where this could go? I hope you’re with me, I hope you have that dream that just doesn’t go away, Your story matters, you matter, we were all made for greatness, let not hold it back. I am planning to have dinner with my mentor Larry Vanbuskirk who has achieved more success then most people can even dream of, in a few weeks. I have had the opportunity to meet some of the most amazing people in the world and I would love to meet you.  Join us at the Millionaire Minds Group to hang out with us.


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