The Ant and the Elephant

I have recently been studying on how the conscious and the subconscious mind plays its part in the results we get out of life. Most people never seem to pay any time figuring out how their subconscious mind is trained or what it is processing. You can tell a persons subconscious mind by being around him, and hearing what they talk about. Let this article stimulate your curiosity to research it more.

The conscious (Ant)  mind in one second of thinking stimulates 2000 neurons while the subconscious (elephant) mind stimulates 400 billion neurons in a second of imagining.  Now that we understand the difference in size, lets look at how it can bear fruits.

Lets say you want to be successful in an industry, and you dream about what it can do for you, and what you can become. All the thinking is your conscious mind (Ant) working. Now lets take for example If you can have your subconscious (Elephant) mind aligned towards the same direction of travel as your conscious dreams that you have, and maybe your subconscious (Elephant) is just a baby it is still bigger then your conscious (Ant) mind. If you feed the elephant it will grow and take you to the top faster then the ant.

 Imagination rules the world.   Bonaparte, Napoleon

Now for growing the elephant what is required on my part? First I must be really committed to the point where nothing else matter as much as winning and getting to the top, that will create the hunger required to feed the elephant. Then It’s reading, listening, and associating. (Blood, sweat, and tears) I must be in it with the heart, the mind, and the will. And it’s good to keep my eyes on the dream, but just as important is the food being fed to the elephant. Always remember that if the ant isn’t carefully choosing the quantity and quality of the food, the elephant loves nibbling on other junk food. Another great thought is that if the ant starts going in a certain direction it must be feeding the elephant with stuff that keeps him coming in the same direction because at some point the ant crawls onto the elephants back to keep going, and if the elephant isn’t coming then the ant  never gets anywhere.

If we do not put any importance to the training of our subconscious mind the one we have is pulling us down more then it is taking us up, because it is shaped mostly by the everyday things that happen to us in life which are negative.

“Imagine is more important then knowledge”      – Albert Einstein

Right now my business partners and I are acquiring a mobile home park. Have we trained our subconscious minds to the point of success? No business venture or any other big venture has ever grown and become successful from the conscious (ant) mind alone, we must engage a well fed subconscious (elephant) mind.

Wow if I look back and trace some of my thought patterns over the years my elephant mind was starving at times. Now I follow great people on twitter, read blogs, and books, listen to cd’s, and watch video’s and interact with the greatest leaders in the world and it’s so exciting. I realize that my elephant mind will determine my destiny. The Resolved book is a great read if you want a foundation in YOUR LIFE.

Here is a great tweet I got the other day from Chris Brady

Success is not as easy as winners make it look, but it is not as hard as losers make it seem.     – This is to your elephant mind:)

See you at the top,

Andrew Miller


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