The Ant and the Elephant

I have recently been studying on how the conscious and the subconscious mind plays its part in the results we get out of life. Most people never seem to pay any time figuring out how their subconscious mind is trained or what it is processing. You can tell a persons subconscious mind by being around him, and hearing what they talk about. Let this article stimulate your curiosity to research it more.

The conscious (Ant)  mind in one second of thinking stimulates 2000 neurons while the subconscious (elephant) mind stimulates 400 billion neurons in a second of imagining.  Now that we understand the difference in size, lets look at how it can bear fruits.

Lets say you want to be successful in an industry, and you dream about what it can do for you, and what you can become. All the thinking is your conscious mind (Ant) working. Now lets take for example If you can have your subconscious (Elephant) mind aligned towards the same direction of travel as your conscious dreams that you have, and maybe your subconscious (Elephant) is just a baby it is still bigger then your conscious (Ant) mind. If you feed the elephant it will grow and take you to the top faster then the ant.

 Imagination rules the world.   Bonaparte, Napoleon

Now for growing the elephant what is required on my part? First I must be really committed to the point where nothing else matter as much as winning and getting to the top, that will create the hunger required to feed the elephant. Then It’s reading, listening, and associating. (Blood, sweat, and tears) I must be in it with the heart, the mind, and the will. And it’s good to keep my eyes on the dream, but just as important is the food being fed to the elephant. Always remember that if the ant isn’t carefully choosing the quantity and quality of the food, the elephant loves nibbling on other junk food. Another great thought is that if the ant starts going in a certain direction it must be feeding the elephant with stuff that keeps him coming in the same direction because at some point the ant crawls onto the elephants back to keep going, and if the elephant isn’t coming then the ant  never gets anywhere.

If we do not put any importance to the training of our subconscious mind the one we have is pulling us down more then it is taking us up, because it is shaped mostly by the everyday things that happen to us in life which are negative.

“Imagine is more important then knowledge”      – Albert Einstein

Right now my business partners and I are acquiring a mobile home park. Have we trained our subconscious minds to the point of success? No business venture or any other big venture has ever grown and become successful from the conscious (ant) mind alone, we must engage a well fed subconscious (elephant) mind.

Wow if I look back and trace some of my thought patterns over the years my elephant mind was starving at times. Now I follow great people on twitter, read blogs, and books, listen to cd’s, and watch video’s and interact with the greatest leaders in the world and it’s so exciting. I realize that my elephant mind will determine my destiny. The Resolved book is a great read if you want a foundation in YOUR LIFE.

Here is a great tweet I got the other day from Chris Brady

Success is not as easy as winners make it look, but it is not as hard as losers make it seem.     – This is to your elephant mind:)

See you at the top,

Andrew Miller


Create Income streams with Mobile Homes

If this is the only line you read then here it is, I am SELLING NOTHING and OFFERING A LOT.


I will be having a free webinar that gives real information on how to buy and sell mobile homes. I have many successful students and I want you to be one of them. If you have been on one of my webinars in the past then you know I do not offer a class like this with the intent of trying to sell you something at the end. The webinar is to give you knowledge to use to make YOU money. I do always want people to become a part of my team but I want and care about the success of you all.  This will be 2 hours of information on How to Find, Buy, Market, Sell and Collect on a single mobile home (just one or learn how to set everything successfully and do up to 10 on by yourself; more than 10 I recommend having more than 1 person). My students have set themselves a future income of 20k to 280k.


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Thank you,

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The Little Red Hen Under Modern Government Regulations




Once upon a time, there was a Little Red Hen who uncovered some grains of wheat while scratching in the barnyard. She called to her neighbors and said, “If we plant this wheat, we shall have bread to eat. Who will help me plant it?”

“Not I,” said the Mouse. “That’s not in my job description.”

“I will,” said the Pig. “But only on alternate Tuesday mornings. I suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder; the government has said that I do not have to work fulltime.”

  “Not I,” said the Duck. “The Department of Interior may designate this area as a wetland. Do you want to destroy the ecological balance of our barnyard? And by the way, has the Food and Drug Administration approved you planting this wheat? Are you sure you are allowed to do that?”

“Are those irradiated grains?” the Cat demanded to know. “I want no part of that.”

“Not I,” said the Crow. He explained the farmyard’s owner was being paid a large sum of money by the Department of Agriculture for not planting wheat.

“Then I will,” said the Little Red Hen; and she did.




In time, the wheat grew tall and ripened into luscious golden grain.

“Who will help me harvest my wheat?” asked the Little Red Hen.

“Not I,” said the Duck.

“Out of my classification,” said the Pig.

“I’d lose my seniority,” said the Cow.

“I’d lose my unemployment compensation,” said the Horse. “Besides, the mill hasn’t been inspected by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in years. Going in there could be hazardous to my health.”

“Then I will,” said the Little Red Hen; and she did.



  At last, it came time to bake the bread. “Who will help me bake the bread?” asked the Little Red Hen.

“That would be overtime for me,” said the Goose.

“I’d lose my welfare benefits,” said the Duck.

“Baking bread will add to global warming,” said the Goat. “You are destroying the earth!”

“I’m a dropout and never learned how,” said the Skunk.

“If I’m to be the only helper, that’s discrimination,” said the Rabbit.

“Then I will,” said the Little Red Hen. And she did.



The Little Red Hen baked five loaves and held them up for her neighbors to see.

They all wanted some; in fact, they demanded bread. The Little Red Hen offered to share a loaf of her bread if the others would help clean the kitchen.


“No fair!” yelled the Cow, stomping on the ground. “Excess profits! We will set the price for your bread, not you!”

“Capitalist leech!” cried the Duck. “That’s price gouging!”

“I demand equal rights!” shouted the Goose.

The Pig grunted and exclaimed, “No justice, no peace!” They hurriedly painted “unfair” picket signs and marched around, shouting obscenities; they demanded immediate redress from the government.

So a government official came and said to the Little Red Hen, “You must not be greedy; you must be fair.”

“But I earned the bread,” said the Little Red Hen.

“Exactly,” said the government official. “That is the wonderful free-enterprise system. Anyone in the barnyard can earn as much as he wants. But under government regulations, the most productive workers must divide their product with others. You have way too much bread. (And besides, you drive a brand new Lexus.) You must share the wealth. We will investigate your wealth and means test your circumstances to determine how much bread you may keep. And they did.

And so it came to pass; the Little Red Hen had done 95% of the work, but got to keep only 10% of the bread. Still, the government official pointed out that it was more than any other animal got to keep. Many thought she was way too greedy. The New York Times printed several editorials pointing this out. Her neighbors would snear at the Little Red Hen as she scratched in the barnyard.

And they all lived… but not exactly happily ever after. The Little Red Hen’s neighbors wondered why she never baked any more bread.

Winners Top 10 Rules

1.  You must be Hungry

2. Your dream must be clear

3. You must have self discipline

4. Have Work Ethic

5. You must set Goals

6. You must have people skills

7. You need to have a winning attitude

8. You need a Mentor

9. Persistence and consistence

10. You must refuse to quit. – Better yet you must refuse to lose

Create Value

” Create Value”

  1. Apply yourself to where value is being distributed
  2. Adapt and grow in the value being distributed
  3. Create family values by spending value time there
  4. Leave everyone you meet better then you found them
  5. Don’t try to impress people
  6. Impress God
  7. Do good no matter who gets the credit
  8. Don’t worry about what people think, do what you feel is right
  9. Don’t trade what you really want, for what you want at the moment
  10. Become the expert and celebrity in something
  11. Remember it’s about those you serve, not you
  1. Love God, he is the creator of all value
  1. Don’t seek happiness, you will end up following pleasure
  2. Serve others with value, and you will end up happy
  3. Practice good stewardship
  4. Be willing to do what others won’t
  5. Be humble
  6. Pray for guidance
  7. Don’t go to yourself for advice
  8. Get mentors to point you in a direction, and Go
  9. Never give up
  10. Do your best with severe earnestness
  11. Don’t try to be comfortable, be affective
  12. Be results driven, they tell everything
  13. You are the value you think you are
  14. God already knows your value, you don’t
  15. Leave this world better then your found it
  16. Be comfortable with yourself
  17. Entertain yourself with good thoughts while your alone
  18. Be a little Crazy

Where are the Leaders?

The other day I found myself really thinking about where “we the people” are, and why. Somewhere someone found short term thinking more beneficial then thinking and acting for the future. Take for example when the federal reserve was born. The federal reserve was created so that there could be a fiat currency that could be controlled by the government to bring prosperity to the nations economy. someone in the future will face the consequences of that decision. Let’s look at where we are today. We have a lot of short term thinking going on right now. Aren’t so many people sacrificing the future for what is comfortable now. That’s why we are where we are, people have sacrificed future freedom for security at the moment. Sometimes the future means our children, and we are now the children living in someones future facing the consequences of their choices. But we cannot shift blame to them if we are doing the same thing in our life. Leaders have long term thinking, where are the leaders with courage.

Here’s something you hear a lot. Why don’t they do something about it…. First of all who are they? We all want someone else to do the heavy lifting so we can drink our coffee, which is human nature. Right now is not the time to follow human nature. Remember following the right principles in live will always require going against what human nature wants. Take a look at Ben Franklin one of the greatest men in history, he was following human nature as a young man, but he decided to change, now we can thank him for what he did for our country. What will people thank you for? Let’s forget about they and start working on we. I highly recommend listening to the 13 resolutions cd by Orrin Woodward.

Leaders can never be self centered people. How many people can you think of right now that are not self centered. If you can’t think of any then it’s time you start associating with a different group of people. While most people don’t hold themselves to a moral standard anymore, and even the once that do have become extremely self centered, there are still a rare few that choose to develop their own character and become better leaders. This is not a time for ego’s and trying to impress people. As the cause gets bigger so do the leaders, and every time I get around the team I see a growing number of  leaders. And I believe that as long as there are leaders there is hope. Please feel free to read sheep, wolves, and sheep dogs. It is a great article on becoming a rascal leader.

Leaders don’t feel comfortable without constant, positive, upward  movement in their life and surroundings. They have this feeling that there is something better out there then what the crowd is selling out to. Leaders can just feel it, they choose to go against the critics and the status qou because they believe what they feel is coming from a higher power then what the critics and status quo stand on. It’s not an easy battle but it’s worth taking, because there is something better out there, and the feelings are real. If you need the acceptance of others more then you need to follow your own feelings you are a sheep. It takes some guts to be a leader, and sometimes you may need to be a little crazy, but you can either be corny and rich, or cool and broke.

We still have the foundations in place. Leaders before us made them. The first is the Bible. Jesus being a leader long ago had to go against the critics and status quo to become the greatest example in the Bible. The Bible is the number one foundation for leaders to build on. The second foundation is the founding documents of the United States Constitution. Great leaders in history made a huge sacrifice to bring together all the colonies to form a nation of freedom. The foundation is still here all we need to do as leaders of the 21st century is build on those two foundations. We need to have the same level of thinking that the men had that build those two foundations. We need to become like them by applying ourselves daily to the principles that they stood for.

Where are the Leaders?  Rascals I mean:)